Erin Kelly never thought any of them they would survive. By all odds none of them should have.  From Mendocino to the Cayman Islands and Curicao to Utah’s desolate Newfoundland Mountains, Nathan Weatherly’s relentless vendetta against her unfolded with unimaginable, ruthless precision. Kidnapped from her inn in Northern California and alone, Erin’s ordeal surpassed even what she had already endured at the hands of her all but invisible nemesis, Invisible that is until now. He was a man whose power, diabolical sense of revenge and skill for inflicting psychological terror knew no limits.

Face-to-face with him and ensnared in his unspeakable plans for her, Erin will summon every ounce of physical strength, raw courage and resourcefulness to battle the deadly orchestration Weatherly and his psychotic daughter, Janice, have set in motion. Inevitably her life-and death struggle will transform the lives of all those she loves as they all learn the costs of defiance and interference as, one-by-one, each faces the ultimate choice and must choose with no guarantee that anything they might do will make a difference.

Trapped in Sutton’s Cave buried deep in the Newfoundland Range by Weatherly and his partner, Rudy St. Jackson, a deadly game of hide-and-seek plays out in the impenetrable gloom that shrouds the ancient, mysterious City of the Dead. Dangers lurk there with menacing malevolence threatening to claim anyone who might misstep and defying explanation…until one Native American researcher dares to uncover to secret.

In the end nothing is what it seems to be, no one is safe, and one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice….

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